Alligator Caution Sign In Osprey Park

Sign Warning About Gators

Download ButtonI grew up in the Sarasota Florida area. As a teenager we used to actually wade fish in the Myakka lake where there were plenty of alligators. This caution sign was located in the Osprey park along the shore of a very small pond. I was taking pictures of a white heron fishing and decided to snap a quick pic of this unavoidable sign.

There have been plenty of fatal alligator attacks in the united states. Signs like this are a necessity in many Florida areas because we have alligators in small ponds, streams, swamps, roadway ditches and large lakes, and lots of them.

Check out this video of a bunch of alligators filmed at the lower lake in Myakka State Park in Sarasota County.


I just watched this alligator video in its entirety. The publisher counted over 200 alligators in this one spot called the “deep hole” in the lower lake. You know what’s really funny, there’s no sign in the area where he videoed the gators warning people about the alligators.

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