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Harbor Island Bahamas AA Meeting Place

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I’ve always heard that you can find an AA meeting almost anywhere around the world. During my visit to Harbor Island in the Bahamas I discovered there’s an Alcoholics Anonymous facility on Duncan Lane.  The meeting schedule posted outside during the month of June 2017  says that the meetings are held on Wednesday and Sundays at 6PM.  You can check out the current schedule here:


Harbor Island is very small spanning a half mile wide and three miles long. Anyone can easily get to an AA meeting by way of golf cart or even by walking if necessary.


There are many places to drink alcohol on the island. Having a meeting place for recovering addicts is a great asset when visiting this particular island in the Bahamas.  If you are planning a vacation in the Bahamas and attending AA meetings is one of your priorities, I’d highly recommend visiting Harbor Island.  The island’s welcoming sign says, “Welcome To Harbor Island Home Of Friendly People”. You will find that the island has everything you need during a vacation and that the people really are friendly.

Harbor Island AA Facility Bahamas

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