These images are only royalty free for the purpose of individuals to use moderately. The images can be used in connection with products that are being sold for profit, such as book covers or in connection with your personal creative projects. It is not necessary to recognize Jordy Christo or BookCoverPics in your creations. However, we would appreciated the recognition if you decide to do so.

We do not allow our images to be added in bulk or clusters to another website offering royalty free images or pictures for sale.  They are not provided for you to upload to your photo website for other people to download. I repeat, you cannot use our images with the intent to sell them or offer them for others to download and use. So, if you are looking to steal our images for the purpose of making money on your website or offline, DO NOT. When we discover them, we will pursue legal action.

We suggest you start  in our Royalty Free Images Gallery.

How To Use Our Site:

  1. Select a category located in the side bar area
  2. Select the image you want to view
  3. Once the page opens, if you want to download the pic,  click on the “download now” icon
  4. If you don’t want to download the image, hit your back arrow on your computer to return to the previous category gallery you were viewing or click on the category in the sidebar. At any time you can view random photographs by clicking on the “Free Images Gallery” text located along the top of the page
  5. To download premade book cover templates, click on the icon at the top of the page that says “Book Cover Designs”.
  6. If you use the “search” feature, it will return a page of results from our site and also sites that advertise with Google. When you click on a selection located on our website, you will be directed to the page that has a related image to your search criteria. When using the “search” box to find images, your results will not return in gallery form. Most of the time the results will be related to one page on our site that contains one image, unless a category is returned in the search results.
  7. When you are in the Free Images Gallery and you want to advance to more images, click on the text that either says older posts or newer posts.

All of the images on this site are 100% royalty free, unless otherwise noted. One thing I think you are going to like about this website is the simplicity in which you can download royalty free images.

How TO Download A Royalty Free Image From Our Site

All you have to do is click on the “download now” icon that is located below each photo on this site. Once you do that another page will open with the full size picture displayed. Right click on the pic and choose “Save As”.  Once you do that you can download the picture to whatever area of your computer that you choose (if your browser is configured to let you choose).

Where Do The Royalty Free Pictures Go When Downloaded?

If you aren’t familiar with where your downloads go on your computer by default, most Windows programs have a file that is called “my documents.” Inside of your “my documents” file you will find a file called “downloads” and another one inside called  “my pictures.” The chances are good that when you download one of our royalty free images that it will go into one of the three files I just mentioned. If you have any difficulty, just go to Youtube and find a few videos that will help you figure out what is going on with you royalty free downloads.

The majority of images on this website were taken with a Nikon 600P Cool Pix digital camera. We never upload images to this website that are not quality pictures. This is another great reason why many people visit this site to download images.